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What is a flash drive

A flash drive (also referred to as a USB Drive), is a memory device for storing data. This can include photos, pictures, word documents, files or video. Anything that can go on a computer can go on a flash drive.

What is the difference between a USB Drive and a Flash Drive

There is no difference. These terms are interchangeable, however, although USB drive is the most common name , flash drive is the more correct name because USB really is the connection port in the computer not the removable device.

What is the benefit of a flash drive over a hard drive?

The key advantages are compactness, portability and no moving parts. In regard to moving parts, PCs and MACs have a hard drive which spins around and has an arm like a turntable arm that retrieves data. A flash drive has none of this potential wear and tear so it won't break down whereas a hard drive eventually will.

Should I move my data to a removable disk instead of a hard drive?

We recommend that you consider this option. You will get more life out of your computer and big files can be stored externally in the form of a flash drive.64gb flash drives are currently on the market and the 128gbs are being developed.

What type of chips are in the drive?

There are 2 types of chips in each flash drive.
a/ the memory chip
b/ the controller chip
These chips are either Samsung or Hynix which are the best in the world.

Where are the chips made?

The chips are made in Shenzhen, China. Some of the first patents for flash drives were lodged from Shenzen. It is considered the silicon valley of Asia and has an excellent reputation for quality. USB Direct has a factory producing in China as well as holding stock.

What is the difference between USB 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0?

These are the 3 generations in USB drives. USB 1.0 will work in a 2.0 slot, but not a 3.0 slot. USB 2.0 will work in a 3.0 slot. For more information see our full page on the USB standard.

What is the minimum order quantity?

USB Direct has a minimum order quantity of 50 units.

Do you keep stock of flash drives

Yes we keep large quantities of stock in our major styles.

Can I get my own shape?

Yes. There is a small mold charge for plastic drives and many customers have done shapes such as beer bottles, trucks, cars, footy jerseys, planes, people, sports balls or customers product to name a few. See our range of novelty USBs

Can I get personalised names?

Yes, we can individually print each persons name on each drive.

What do I get with my order

With each order, the price includes your logo in 1 colour permanent pad print or laser engrave. 

What are your payment terms?

The first order requires payment to be made prior to shipment of goods. This can be made by credit card, eft payment or cheque. If you are considering subsequent orders, please ask for a credit application form to be emailed to you and we can put you on 30 day credit terms.

What artwork us required?

USB Direct prefer an EPS file or AI file. A high resolution jpg may also be sufficient. Our graphic designer Kellie can help you to prepare your artwork at no charge.

What is the delivery time?

USB Direct has a delivery schedule between 1 week to 3 weeks. The delivery time for your particular job will depend on - the printing requirements, factory workload, whether it is a stock item or indent, quantity purchased, whether you require preloading and your deadline. We will almost always meet your required deadline if you tell us what it is.

What are the shipping charges?

The listed price includes a shipping to one Sydney address. Pease advise your location for an accurate freight quotation outside Sydney.

Are USB Direct Flash Drives good quality?

USB Direct's flash drives are all USB 2.0 (faster and more relaible chip), TIER 1 (means that it is professional grade), WINDOWS VISTA AND MAC READY (this means that the drive will run with these operating systems).

How long does a Flash Drive last for?

They can be reused up to a million times (apparently someone actually counted this!) Your logo will last forever!

What size should I get?

Currently, the 2gb flash drive is only a few cents more expensive than the smaller drives, this represents the best value.  By way of example, you can save about 20,000 of these FAQs on a 2 gb drive. Alternatively, you could get about 4 playstation games, 4 feature movies, 2000 photos or 600 songs. Importantly, you can have a combination of all! We sell USBs with a capacity of up to 32gb.

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