The USB Standard

USB Implementers ForumThe design of USBs is standardised so all computers use the same connection. The computer manufacturers and users such as Hewlett Packard, NEC Apple, Agere and Microsoft are all members of the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) so that universality is virtually guaranteed.

USB (which stands for Universal Serial Bus) is merely an interface device designed to allow peripherals (flash drives) to be connected and disconnected without having to reboot the computer (hot swapping).

A USB can connect most computer peripherals such as keyboards, printers, digital cameras, flash drives, media players, mouse devices, gamepads and many more.

The USB Implementers Forum has specified the following goals to ensure that USBs become the only connection device:

  • The connectors are cheap to manufacture;
  • It is difficult to incorrectly attach the USB connector. They cannot be plugged in upside down and it is obvious when the connection of the plug and socket are correctly mated. (It is not obvious, however, which way around the plug goes so it is often necessary to try both ways);
  • Only moderate force is necessary. The force needed to make or break a connection is modest, allowing connections to be made in awkward circumstances or by those with motor difficulties.
  • The connectors are designed to be robust. A considerable degree of force is needed to damage a USB connector;
  • The connector construction always ensures that the external sheath on the plug contacts with its counterpart in the receptacle before the four connectors within are connected. This allows otherwise damaging static charges to be safely discharged by this route (rather than via delicate electronic components). This method of enclosure means that there is an effective protection from electromagnetic interference while the USB signal travels through the mated connection;

Unlike most other connector standards the USB specification defines the limit to the size of a connecting device in the area around its plug. This is done to avoid blocking adjacent ports

All USB Flash Drives conform to the USB Standard and are manufactured to the highest quality.

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