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This is our new range of Novelty USB Drives. Please call for pricing.

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Aluminium Alloy housing fe1100
Aluminium Alloy Housing fe1240
Aluminium Alloy Housing fe1300
Aluminium Alloy Housing fe6200
Aluminium Alloy Housing USB fe1001
Aluminium Housing USB fe1588
Aluminium Housing USB fe2118
Plastic Housing USB fe2600
Plastic Housing USB fe3400
Aluminium Housing USB fe7230
Aluminium Housing USB fe8110
Bracelet USB fe2730
diamond usb d204
Bracelet USB fe2760
Key Shape USB
Paper USB Stick Drive
Liquid USB fl1020
Stainless Steel Housing USB fe2179
Available size: 1-32GBColor: silver
Plastic Housing USB fe1370
USB Leather Housing fl2120
USB Leather Housing fl2150
USB Leather Housing fl2150b
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