Make sure your USBS are Government Compliant!

As of 1st March 2013, all USBs sold in Australia have to be ERAC (Electrical Regulatory Authority Council) compliant. ERAC is the regulator in the industry and have introduced the EESS (Electrical Equipment Safety System) to improve safety and to ensure electromagnetic compatibility in Australia

USBs are a level 2 device (there are 3 categories) and all suppliers are required to be registered on the ERAC national database as a "responsible supplier".

USB DIRECT as a leading supplier of USBs is the first to complete the compliance and provided its certificate of conformity to the authorities. Evidence of this is supported by compliance stickers which are placed on all our USBs. The sticker looks like this:

compliance logo

USBs which are not displaying this mark could be recalled if produced after 1st March 2013. So make sure you are using a supplier which is compliant and displaying the sticker on all USBs.

If you have any questions regarding this important legislation, please don't hesitate to call me on 0438 642 257.

Andrew Koch