Individually Printed USB Drives

individually printed usb drivesSCHOOLS & UNIVERSITIES

USB Direct guarantees all our flash drives for quality & memory. We have been supplying schools throughout Australia for a number of years at the most competitive prices available.

Our delivery time is between 2-4 weeks. If you require a lanyard or any accessories as well as printing, this is all part of our capabilities.

An extra feature that you may be interested in is individual names printed on all USB drives. USB Direct is the first company in Australia to offer this service. It is a necessary benefit to help students distinguish between identical looking drives.

Alternatively, USB Direct is happy to provide a break up of different coloured flash drives so that you can offer the students variety that is distinguishing.

USB Direct can send a variety of samples for your consideration. Alternatively, one of our representatives will be able to visit your school if required.